Rhizosphere Dynamics Lab Publications


*denotes Sprunger lab advisee, +denotes student co-author/mentee in collaborative lab

Sprunger, C.D., S.W. Culman, L. Deiss, C. Brock, D. Jackson-Smith. Under Review. Perenniality is more important for maintaining soil health than crop diversification in organic corn systems. Agronomy Journal. 


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           • Awarded ‘Featured Article’ for issue 


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*Martin. T and C.D. Sprunger. Rhizosphere dynamics influence nitrogen cycling and crop productivity in diversified corn rotations. To be submitted to Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems April 6, 2021. Invited paper.


Sprunger, C.D., M. Mann*, S.W. Culman. How do tillage intensity and crop rotational diversity influence aggregate stability on organic farms across the Eastern Corn Belt? To be submitted to Organic Agriculture.

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